How We’re Different

How We're Different

What makes DTBC Curriculum different from other Bible curricula?

DTBC is different in its approach, its scope, mission/vision, and cost.   Every lesson is founded upon an overarching concept designed to combat cultural sway, such as “There is only one true and real God.” Bible evidence, activities, games, music, and scripture memorization are totally aligned with each concept and continually loop back to prior learning with increasingly greater depth.  Students demonstrate their learning through higher level thinking skills, and there’s even the capability of developing skill-based portfolios.  Strategic character education is infused from a ‘God perspective.’  Parent communication always focuses on the Biblical skills their children need to master at each age level. On-line learning is the goal of the curriculum for older, independent learners. Best of all, the curriculum is free for everyone!

DTBC is an ongoing project to provide FREE curriculum worldwide in multiple languages, available through the internet.  It is continually updated to address cultural pull and technological changes.  Thought-based assignments that apply knowledge provide demonstrations that students have mastered the concepts.  Numerous options exist for teaching students of varied abilities and understanding within the same learning environment.  DTBC provides free teacher training and conferences in exchange for travel costs.

Currently Available Curricula

Defenders of Truth Bible Curriculum

Bible story based, or book by book study, or video with discussion
Based on overarching, foundational concepts, with Bible accounts providing the proofs
Listening based (passive learning) of ancient events that may lack relevance
Skill based (active learning) with real world applications that address societal cultural sway
Exposure to concepts (largely INPUT)
Mastery--students demonstrate (OUTPUT) how to defend their faith
Cursory revisiting of prior learning
Strategically planned to continuously loop back to prior learning, moving to deeper applications each time
Limited supplementary scripture memorization that is left to parents; “learn and move on”
Bible memorization through in-class activities and continually revisited, linked to specific overarching concepts learned sequentially
Incidental grasp of Christian values along the way
Purposely teaches a core of Christian values throughout the curriculum
All students learn exactly the same thing in the same way, regardless of skill levels or prior knowledge
Ability to differentiate the activities to meet the needs of all learners within the same overarching concept; excellent for keeping special needs’ students with their age peers
Packaged as K-6, Grades 6-8, or 9-12; levels may not correlate or build upon prior levels
Preschool through 12th grade comprehensive and systematic approach
Superficial parent education
Parental guidance of how and why for each lesson along with specific quick and simple ideas for reinforcing the concepts
Either paper/pencil or discussion based
Interactive, addressing several learning styles within the same lesson; hands-on
Cost of the program can hinder acquisition and implementation
Entire basic curriculum furnished FREE of charge because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a free gift. Available for download, through USB devices, or as an internet program
Little or no teacher training or technical assistance; is expensive if available
Teacher training and technical assistance provided free of charge or for reimbursed travel expenses