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We are so excited for you to see all that we are creating.  Our first instructional level for youngest learners is most appropriate for children ages 3-6. The two-year program includes 78 toolboxes of weekly lesson plans, material lists, videos, music, activities, and skill checklists.  Please take a look and explore what’s ahead.

Each level will be released as we complete it, and toolboxes will be downloadable or available in other formats upon request.  Curriculum for older students will have online learning options through our secure portal.

  • Easy-to-follow lesson plans
  • Videos and PowerPoints
  • MP3 Songs and Sing-Alongs
  • Interactive Activities
  • Skill checklists
  • FREE
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What's in a Sample Toolbox?

Read Me First: Includes long-range Calendar and instructions for accessing checklists
Lesson Plan: Includes objectives, materials list, script, time organizer, tips
Choice of Video Lesson, Audio Only, or PDF
Scripture Memorization Music
Teacher Tools/Ideas
Weekly Parent E-mail Template
Memorization Reminder for parents
Concept Illustrations
Manipulative Activities
Art Activities
Active Games

This actual toolbox includes everything needed for one week's instruction.

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Strands & Substrands

Our curriculum is based upon twelve overarching concepts and their sub-concepts.  We call these strands because we weave them continuously in different ways so that learners practice critical thinking.

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Skill Checklists

Our horizontal checklists show the body of skills children of a particular age should achieve across all strands taught. Teachers use this to determine what students have mastered. It is also helpful because parents can easily see their child’s progress. Our vertical checklists show how a single stand is taught to deeper and deeper levels as students get older. This is more helpful if you want to see the progression of critical thinking through subsequent instructional levels. Keep in mind, however, that single strands are continuously woven with other strands.

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Lesson Progression

Weekly lessons begin with an overarching concept (strand) from the Holy Bible. Biblical accounts that provide evidence of the concept are taught, along with Scripture memorization. Each concept continues to weave with other concepts and is revisited over and over in new ways.

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Songs & Sing-Alongs

Every lesson includes music for memorizing Scriptures that align with the concepts. These are not for learning once and moving on. Instead, students revisit the music AND THE SCRIPTURES continuously throughout each instructional level using a unique “loopback learning process.”

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DTBC provides focused, strategic, and sequential children’s faith-based curriculum

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