Curriculum Overview for Teachers

Focused, Strategic, & Sequential

DTBC wants children and youth to take what they’ve learned and transfer it into critical thinking. We want teachers to have easy-to-follow lessons that respect their time and energy, keep students interested in learning, and reflect sound educational practices. Best of all, our resources are free.

Although lessons are challenging, they guide the learner step-by-step so that small successes build confidence and skill. DTBC is perfect for Christian daycares, preschools, homeschoolers, and church classes.

Skills Checklist

Nothing is left to chance or surprise. Imagine how meaningful it is when teachers AND PARENTS can easily evaluate their children’s progress in spiritual understanding, what’s been mastered, and what still needs work!

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“DTBC creatively and actively engages students. I appreciate that lessons are congruent with God’s Word, enlighten children to the truth they must understand to defend and represent Christianity, develop confidence in the one true God, and teach them how to live out their faith in a world of spiritual confusion.”

Jan Curriculum Specialist, Missouri Public Schools

DTBC provides focused, strategic, and sequential children’s faith-based curriculum

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