How did DTBC get started?

Paula Morales, founder and CEO of DTBC, was an educator and middle school administrator for 29 years.  Working within some of the nation’s best school districts she saw firsthand the cultural shifts and influences that often left Christian students without adequate foundation in battling the pull of Satan.  Concurrently as a Sunday School teacher, she was amazed that Christian curriculum failed to teach students to THINK, REASON, or DEFEND their beliefs.  DTBC was born out of a mission and vision to arm the next generation of Christian kids with the knowledge and skills needed to defend their faith.

Our Mission

DTBC is committed to the writing and development of focused, strategic, and sequential Bible curriculum unlike any other on the market.  The objective of our curriculum is to develop Godly young men and women who know what they believe, why they believe it, what distinguishes their beliefs from other systems, how to withstand and answer cultural shifts, and how to lovingly draw others into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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