How is DTBC any different from doctrine classes?

It is very different, and it goes way beyond doctrine classes.  First, DTBC is a comprehensive preschool to 12th grade curriculum that uses Bible accounts as evidence of the foundational concepts.  Concepts in the curriculum are continuously revisited to greater depth, which reinforces learning.  Second, knowledge of history, geography, and ancient customs provides understanding of present day events.  Third, DTBC students demonstrate mastery of learning through application of the concepts to real-life situations.  Fourth, DTBC lessons are highly interactive and require the students to process both internally and externally.  A fifth difference is that DTBC strategically integrates character training into its curriculum, based on the Word of God rather than “touchy-feely-do-the-right-thing” decision making.  Finally, all of DTBC’s concepts are taught with consideration of child readiness and when secular concepts which might challenge their faith are taught in public school systems.  This “arms” students with knowledge, skills, and answers.

Our Mission

DTBC is committed to the writing and development of focused, strategic, and sequential Bible curriculum unlike any other on the market.  The objective of our curriculum is to develop Godly young men and women who know what they believe, why they believe it, what distinguishes their beliefs from other systems, how to withstand and answer cultural shifts, and how to lovingly draw others into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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