What foundational truths does DTBC teach?

DTBC is founded on 12 foundational truths of Scripture, which are further broken down into numerous sub-concepts to greater depths of understanding as the student progresses through the program.  The truths are integrated rather than sequential, although the first 3 statements, accepted by faith, predicate the truth of all other foundation statements.

  • There is only one true and real God.
  • Our God never lies.
  • The Bible is God’s Word(s) to us.
  • Satan and his demons make it their mission to deceive mankind from following the true God.
  • All people are sinners.
  • God’s bloodline Son, Jesus Christ the Savior, provides the only avenue to a relationship with God (salvation and forgiveness of our sins).
  • God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are distinct from each other, yet are one. The Holy Spirit’s role is to convict of sin, point to Jesus Christ, and empower the believer through the giving of many diverse gifts.
  • The believers’ foremost mission is to tell mankind the good news of forgiveness and bring others into a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • All believers make up the “church” of Jesus Christ.
  • The Bible foretells important events that should create in us a sense of urgency about our mission and an expectancy of Christ’s return.
  • Heaven is the eternal place of residence for believers.
  • Hell is the future eternal location for those who reject Jesus Christ as the only way to God.

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