What is DTBC’s ultimate vision for its curriculum?

Imagine a day in time when large numbers of 15-18 year olds across our globe are so bold in their faith, who know what they believe and why.  Imagine these young adults who are so facile in what they know, understand, and demonstrate that they successfully defend their beliefs in any forum with any adult.  They compassionately and extemporaneously expound on Biblical truth relative to current world topics.  They properly evaluate scripture, comparing passage with passage.  They wisely gauge questions and responses when talking with people of differing religions and faiths.   They host religious blogs and video chats that provide challenge, hope, and mentoring world-wide.  They exude confidence, steadfastness, and a passion to win their world for Jesus Christ.

Imagine these same students a few years before as 12-14 year olds cementing their understanding of how their Biblical belief system differs from other faiths.  They ask questions and search scripture in order to align their beliefs with Biblical truth.  They enjoy synthesizing their understanding using on-line games, smart phone applications, student response systems, airliners, and other technology.  Truth, compassion, energy, and courage mark their daily spiritual walk.

Quickly rewind time to when these students were 3 years of age.  They comprehend that there is only one true and real God, that God does not lie, and that the Bible is God’s Words.  As 3-5 year olds, even before they can write their names or read, they distinguish a Bible from other look-alike books.  Without prompting, they verbalize how to know if another person’s god is the same as their God, and they can articulate appropriate responses if someone should try to convince them that any other book is God’s words.  They eagerly learn and apply their knowledge to essential tenets.  They memorize scripture in accordance with foundational concepts.

DTBC wants to achieve this goal worldwide by making it highly accessible in multiple languages.

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