What makes DTBC different from other Bible curricula?

DTBC is different in its approach, its scope, mission/vision, and cost.   Every lesson begins with a “meaty” overarching concept such as “There is only one true and real God.” Bible stories, activities, games, music, and memory verses are totally aligned with the concept and continually loop back to prior learning to explore the overarching concept in increasingly greater depth.  Students demonstrate their learning through higher level thinking skills with the capability of developing mastery portfolios.  Strategic character education is infused from a God perspective.  Parent education teaches parents which skills their child needs to master at what age and how they can easily support the curriculum.

DTBC is an ongoing project to provide FREE curriculum worldwide in multiple languages, available through the internet.  It is continually updated to address cultural pull and technological changes.  Thought-based assignments that apply knowledge provide demonstrations that students have mastered the concepts.  Numerous options exist for teaching students of varied abilities and understanding within the same learning environment.  DTBC provides free teacher training and conferences in exchange for travel costs.

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Our Mission

DTBC is committed to the writing and development of focused, strategic, and sequential Bible curriculum unlike any other on the market.  The objective of our curriculum is to develop Godly young men and women who know what they believe, why they believe it, what distinguishes their beliefs from other systems, how to withstand and answer cultural shifts, and how to lovingly draw others into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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