Teaching Children

To Think Critically & Defend Their Faith

Welcome to our website! DTBC is breaking ground with a distinctively different alternative to children’s Bible curriculum. Whether you are looking for resources for Sunday School, materials for teaching children the Bible, affordable Christian education curriculum, or children’s ministry materials, we hope you’ll check us out.

Our mission is to develop Godly children who demonstrate through critical thought:

  • what they believe
  • why they believe it
  • what distinguishes their beliefs from other systems
  • how to withstand persecution and answer cultural shifts
  • how to lovingly draw others into a relationship with Jesus

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The Critical Thinking Shift

The emphasis of DTBC curriculum is not what children know, but what they are able to demonstrate. This requires a complete shift in how we teach.

Aside from evolving into high-tech productions, children’s Bible curricula have changed little over the last 75 years. Having all the “bells and whistles” is certainly not a bad thing, but this is where the evolution generally stops. How much emphasis is placed on critical thinking or defending one’s faith within the current spiritually confusing, and often antagonistic, culture? We believe that, in many cases, although the culture has changed dramatically, the equipping has not.

What makes DTBC unique?

DTBC is different in its approach, emphasis, mission, and cost. Every lesson is founded upon an overarching concept, such as “There is only one true and real God,” designed to combat cultural sway. We are authentic in our approach that there are sacrifices associated with serving the one true God, but so worth everything—up to and including persecution and perhaps the giving of our lives.

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We are busily writing the curriculum for publication. In the meantime, check out a few samples here and on our curriculum pages.

Currently Available Curricula

Defenders of Truth Bible Curriculum

Bible story based, or book by book study, or video with discussion
Based on overarching foundational concepts, with Bible accounts providing the evidence
Often structured as passive listening about ancient events that may lack relevance
Skill based (active learning) with real world applications that address societal cultural sway
Lesson delivery is largely INPUT only
Students demonstrate mastery (OUTPUT) of skills that require critical thinking and defense of Biblical truths
Cursory revisiting of prior learning
Strategically planned to continuously loop back to prior learning, moving to deeper applications each time
Limited supplementary scripture memorization that is left to parents; “learn and move on”
Bible memorization through in-class activities are continually revisited and linked to overarching concepts that are learned in sequence
All students learn exactly the same thing in the same way, regardless of skill levels or prior knowledge
Ability to differentiate the activities to meet the needs of all learners within the same overarching concept; excellent for keeping special needs’ students with their age peers
Packaged curriculum generally has no correlation among levels
Identical concepts for all age groups are studied to increasing depth within the 2-year curriculum, making it ideal for house churches, home schoolers or special needs students
Superficial parent information
Parents receive weekly guidance with ideas for reinforcing the concepts
Teachers and parents are unable to access child’s age appropriate knowledge and skills
Checklists provide guidance to teachers and parents of child’s mastery of curriculum
Curriculum can be expensive to purchase
Entire 2-year curriculum which includes lesson plans, videos, music and activities, is free for everyone, always!
Little or no teacher training or technical assistance; is expensive if available
Teacher training and technical assistance provided free of charge or for reimbursed travel expenses

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